Where To Go In Portland


Oregon’s largest city is not just known for being situated over two rivers the Columbia River and the Willamette River; hence, the Portland Oregon nickname – Bridgetown. It’s also known for its nature parks, scenic bridges, and its abundance of bicycle paths for those who are looking to get more active. It’s even known for its environmental laws, eco-friendly lifestyles, and its abundance of coffee houses for those who are looking to get more energy.

If you’re planning to visit Portland soon, here’s where to go in Portland:


Who needs a time travelling device when you could just simply visit museums in Portland to revisit history or learn more about the world as one big sphere in Milky Way? Some of the most notable museums in this city include the Oregon Historical Society Museum and the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. There’s also the Portland Children’s Museum, the Portland Art Museum, the Oregon Jewish Museum, and the Oregon Maritime Museum. There’s even the Portland Puppet Museum, The Faux Museum, the Pearson Air Museum, and The Zymoglyphic Museum.

Parks, Gardens, and Zoos

Aside from having an abundancy of museums, Portland also has an abundancy of parks. Stroll around, get a dose of fresh air, ride around, and more at the Portland Japanese Garden, the Forest Park, and the Washington Park. There’s also an abundancy of other nature parks, as well as gardens and zoos, such as the Tom McCall Waterfront Park, the Council Crest Park, the Mill Ends Park, the South Park Blocks, The Grotto, the World Forestry Center, the Leach Botanical Garden, the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, the Oregon Zoo, the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge, and more.

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