8 of Portland’s Best Movie Theatres

For a city that boasts of a vibrant film scene, Portland has a wide array of movie theatres to enjoy your flick of choice of second-run movies to the latest releases and everything in between. But if you think it will just be another run-of-the-mill experience, think again! Portland has succeeded in marrying its two prides – craft beer and passion for film – to bring guests a taste of the best brews and good food while enjoying the movies.

Academy Theater
Location: 7818 SE Stark Street
Go for: Three screens, stadium seating, second run movies; and your choice of microbrews, pizza from Flying Pie, wine, sushi place next door, babysitting service

Avalon Theatre
Avalon Theatre
Location: 3451 SE Belmont Street
Go for: Oldest operating movie theatre in the city, second-run films, arcade games, great place for kids and kids at heart

Bagdad Theater
Bagdad Theater
Location: 3702 SE Hawthorne Boulevard
Go for: Beautiful interior, first-run movies, comfortable seating, good quality equipment, theatre and pub with food selection that include fresh pizza

Cinema 21
Cinema 21
Location: 616 Northwest 21st Avenue
Go for: Historical and independent art house movie theatre, features a wide range of films including indie, foreign, and classic, offers a selection of beer and wine, food like pizza to go with the brews

Clinton Street Theater
Clinton Street Theater
Location: 2522 Southeast Clinton Street
Go for: One of the oldest operating movie theatres in Portland, weekly feature of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, film festival premiers, concert movies, documentaries, indie films, and more

Hollywood Theatre
Hollywood Theatre
Location: 4122 Northeast Sandy Boulevard
Go for: Vintage theatre that has undergone upgrades for improved viewing experience, indie films, second-run movies, Sound + Vision and Kung Fu Theater series, beer from local breweries and wine, pizza

Laurelhurst Theater
Laurelhurst Theater
Location: 2735 E Burnside St
Go for: A landmark in its own right, features second-run movies, screenings of cult favorites, local brews, Pizzicato pizza, and a foodie row nearby

Living Room Theaters
Location: 341 Southwest 10th Ave
Go for: Art house movie theatre, indie films, foreign movies, cozy atmosphere with its 20-seater theatres, full bar and menu, food delivery service at your seat, live jazz performances on certain nights

Where To Go In Portland


Oregon’s largest city is not just known for being situated over two rivers the Columbia River and the Willamette River; hence, the Portland Oregon nickname – Bridgetown. It’s also known for its nature parks, scenic bridges, and its abundance of bicycle paths for those who are looking to get more active. It’s even known for its environmental laws, eco-friendly lifestyles, and its abundance of coffee houses for those who are looking to get more energy.

If you’re planning to visit Portland soon, here’s where to go in Portland:


Who needs a time travelling device when you could just simply visit museums in Portland to revisit history or learn more about the world as one big sphere in Milky Way? Some of the most notable museums in this city include the Oregon Historical Society Museum and the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. There’s also the Portland Children’s Museum, the Portland Art Museum, the Oregon Jewish Museum, and the Oregon Maritime Museum. There’s even the Portland Puppet Museum, The Faux Museum, the Pearson Air Museum, and The Zymoglyphic Museum.

Parks, Gardens, and Zoos

Aside from having an abundancy of museums, Portland also has an abundancy of parks. Stroll around, get a dose of fresh air, ride around, and more at the Portland Japanese Garden, the Forest Park, and the Washington Park. There’s also an abundancy of other nature parks, as well as gardens and zoos, such as the Tom McCall Waterfront Park, the Council Crest Park, the Mill Ends Park, the South Park Blocks, The Grotto, the World Forestry Center, the Leach Botanical Garden, the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, the Oregon Zoo, the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge, and more.

How about you? Have you visited Portland?

Where did you go? How was your experience?

Do you know any other places to go in Portland? Let us know in the comments section below!

Portland Literary Attractions for Book Lovers

Powells Bookstore

Portland has a lot of interesting things going for it — craft beers, nature scenery, bike-friendly infrastructures, theatre pubs, and vibrant film scene to name a few. But what may come as a surprise for many who are still unfamiliar with the city is that it also boasts of bookish attractions. It has even produced authors like Beverly Cleary and Jean M. Auel (Clan of the Cave Bear) as well as poet and novelist Walt Curtis. From bookstores to literary-inspired public art, here are some of the city’s top literary attractions for book lovers.

Central Library
The Central Library is part of the extensive Multnomah County Library system. It is housed in a beautiful building listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It boasts of an impressive collection of works and provides an excellent place for book lovers and the curious alike to browse and read. The tree sculpture in the children’s room is an eye-catching and stunning piece of work that features literary-inspired messages from well-loved books like The Wizard of Oz and many others.

Heathman Hotel
While technically not a tourist attraction, guests of the Heathman Hotel can take at its library that contains a wide selection of books. The library’s impressive collection includes signed copies from authors who have previously stayed at the hotel.

Powell’s City of Books
Powell’s City of Books is Portland’s iconic bookstore and a tourist attraction in its own right. The bookstore is a bibliophile’s haven with hundreds of thousands of books arranged and displayed on its numerous shelves. It features a Rare Books Room and an Espresso Book Machine.

As its name suggests, The TARDIS Room is Doctor Who-inspired bar where guests can enjoy food selections from the restaurant which houses it or grab a drink at the bar itself.

Tin House Summer Workshop
If you want to learn or polish your writing skills, you can sign up for the Tin House Summer Workshop at Reed College. Its “Craft Intensives” include a wide array of activities like reading and writing activities among others.

Title Wave Used Bookstore
Run by the Multnomah County Library, Title Wave Used Bookstore is a great place to find a wide array of books at bargain prices. You can take your pick of titles from the used books and other items like CD’s and DVD’s from the MCL system.

Tugboat Brewing Company
Beer and books may not be the usual pairings you hear about, but there is a place in Portland where you can enjoy both. Tugboat Brewing offers brews like Cask Stout, Czech bitter, Extra Special Bitter, Hop Red, and India Pale Al in a pub with cozy interiors complete with books stacked neatly on its wood-paneled walls.

Wordstock Festival
This literary event draws hundreds of writers not to mention the thousands of readers who can enjoy the wide array of activities that include writing workshops.